About "Osaka, the Museum" Concept

Why "Osaka, the Museum"?

Why Now?

The Osaka Prefectural Government recognizes that in this day in age, Osaka lacks a unified tone and a clear definition that characterizes its community. To foster a distinct ambience and identity, we need to rediscover, refine and connect all the attractions and resources that are already available--and such a project is uniquely possible for Osaka because it is abundant in urban resources.

For the "Osaka, The Museum" Concept, local residents, municipal governments and the prefectural government of Osaka are making cooperative efforts and playing their respective roles to make Osaka brilliantly shining, more impressive and enjoyable.

Basic Concepts of "Osaka, The Museum"

(1) "Find" and "Rediscover"

There are still countless resources of which potential has not been fully realized yet throughout Osaka. The project aims to cast a spotlight on such existing resources and recognize their value as attractive exhibitions of the museum.

(2) "Refine" and "Accentuate"

After being uncovered, exhibition items are categorized by time and genre so that their characteristics are most emphasized when they are on display.

Rendering devices such as lighting and illumination are often used to accentuate the uniqueness of the items in an exhibit. To make the entire museum a fun and inspiring place, the appeal of each local exhibition will be enhanced through events and programs such as special exhibitions, workshops, and guided tours.

(3) "Link"

The Concept links diverse exhibitions located throughout the museum, as if connecting dots to a line, and lines to a plane. Local exhibitions are linked via different themed stories, such as a story to enjoy nature and culture, or a story to trace its history. The stories connect local areas as well as wider regions, suggesting a wide variety of ways to enjoy the museum.

Let's work together to make "Osaka, The Museum" a success!

The "Osaka, The Museum" project is operated by citizens of Osaka and supported by the governments.

  • Local citizens and communities find and utilize locally available resources and carry out activities of their choice.
  • Businesses connect local museum movements to business opportunities.
  • Municipal governments help local communities establish their key concepts and provide the stage for their activities.
  • The Osaka Prefectural Government works as a total producer of the "Osaka, The Museum" project and is responsible for helping bridge organizations involved and relaxing regulations.