Application Guidelines




We are looking for unique videos based on the theme of "The Osaka I Love" ― videos about Osakan people, things, aspects, and places, videos created by people who love Osaka.


August 18, 2014 (Monday) 10:00 - August 31, 2014 (Sunday) 24:00


"The Osaka I Love"Category

From history and traditions to the latest craze, free of all limitations we are looking for entries that represent the various charms of Osaka.


We are looking for entries that paint a picture of a "heartfelt episode" or "everyday scene" where you have been glad to be able to communicate in a world of IT items such as computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.

Fourteen entries are selected to win prizes

Among these fourteen, five are awarded as follows:

  • Grand Prize(1entry each category)
  • Second Prize(1entry each category)
  • Kinki Communications Director Prize (1entry)

*From the winners, including the categories, a grand prize and runner up prize will be chosen.
There will also be one prize chosen by the head of the Kinki Bureau of Telecommunications despite categories. (Chosen winner can be the same as grand prize/runner up.)

Selection Procedure

Preliminary Selection Early September 2014

A total of 14 entries are selected by judges in the different categories.
<Standards for review> 1. Thematic 2. Paying attention point 3. Centripetal force 4. The balance

Final Selection Mid-September 2014 - Mid-October 2014

Nominated entries will be uploaded to this website. Winners will be selected based on a combination of points calculated by the number of YouTube views during the final selection period and points awarded by the judges. Nominated entries will be shown with one-second opening and ending contest logos, for a total running time of 30 seconds.


Mitsutoshi Tanaka(film director/ "Rikyuunitazuneyo" The 37th Montreal World Film Festival for Best Artistic Contribution Award)
Yasushi Adachi(The secretary of Osaka digital content creation business council) / Kunio Kano(The chief of Osaka government tourism bureau)
and another person.

How to apply

Please apply using the Application Page (scheduled to be open August 18th, 2014) by filling in required spaces on the application form as well as uploading your video data to YouTube.
Any questions regarding applications can be directed to (reception open from August 18th, 2014), or you may alternatively call the number listed below.

The 14 entries which clear the preliminary judging will have the logo mark of the contest sponsor added to the video.
Please do not include the contest logo or name anywhere in the file name or video itself when applying/uploading to YouTube.
Any entries found violating this will be disqualified.

Entries are strictly reviewed under certain qualifications set by the contest sponsor and accepted only if those qualifications are met. Please be aware that entries that do not meet qualifications will not be accepted even if they are uploaded to YouTube and therefore will have no relation to the contest.

Who can enter

  • ・Participation is open to anyone, both amateur and professional.
  • ・One entry per person or organization.
  • ・Entries must have been created for this contest.
  • ・Participation is free of charge. However, entrants must bear costs of production and delivery.
  • ・Entries must use the Japanese and/or English languages, either spoken or as on-screen titles. Please provide Japanese subtitles for English content.
  • ・Entries can use live action and/or animation.
  • ・Before entering, please read the content restrictions carefully.

Video format

Running time: 28 seconds
Equipment: consumer/professional video equipment or smartphone
Video file format: WMV, MOV, or MPEG
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Content Requirements

  • ・All elements of the entry, including images and sound, must be originally produced for this contest.
  • ・Entries must not have been exhibited previously. All photography must have been carried out in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • ・The producer of the entry will retain copyright to the work. However, Announcement and presentation of this contest,Organizers,K-Opticom shall have the unrestricted right to use the entry in prefectural publicity activities.
  • ・Please ensure that you have obtained all necessary permissions from individuals appearing in your entry. Similarly, if copyrighted works (paintings, photographs, works of art, etc.)appear in the entry, please ensure that you have obtained all necessary permissions in advance from the copyright holders, and have confirmed that such copyrights are legally uncontested. If any person claiming ownership of copyright, neighboring rights, image rights, or other rights, issues a formal objection relating to your entry, you as entrant shall be responsible for resolving such matters and any associated costs, and all persons associated with Osaka Lovers CM Contest 2014 shall be held blameless.
  • ・Personal information provided as part of the entry process shall only be used for administrative purposes in carrying out the contest, and will not be disclosed or released for any other purpose without your consent.
  • ・To facilitate the promotion of this contest and for Osaka Prefecture publicity activities, entries may be utilized for non-commercial secondary uses, including reproduction, editing, theatrical exhibition, and distribution.
  • ・Entries must not infringe on the property, privacy, or other rights of any person.
  • ・Entries must not incite or encourage unlawful activities.
  • ・Entries must not contain strong language, lewd depictions, or content that threatens public order and decency.
  • ・Entries must not contain content that conflicts with any statute, including the Law for the Prevention of Unreasonable Premiums and Misrepresentation Concerning Products and Services.
  • ・In the event that an entry is found to be in violation of the aforementioned restrictions, or where improper actions associated with the final selection process are detected, or where Osaka Prefecture or the contest secretariat determines that some other impropriety has occurred, the entry will be disqualified from competition.
  • ・Winning entries will be registered in the Good Design 100 Project, introduced on Osaka Prefecture's website, and used in Osaka Prefecture publicity and other activities.
  • ・Animation or English content is also welcome. English content should be subtitled in Japanese.
  • ・Submission of entries to shall constitute agreement with all of these restrictions.

About the application method

How to Enter

Upload your video to YouTube.

  1. 1.If you don't have a YouTube account, you'll need to set one up.
  2. 2.Enter your name, email address and other required information. You will receive a confirmation mail from Google, and this will complete the account creation process.
  3. 3.Log in and upload your video.
  4. 4.For information on how to upload your video, select Upload.
  5. 5.Click Select files from your computer to upload your video. Don't forget to enter a title, summary, and other needed information for your video in the fields provided.
  6. You’re done!

Note: please refrain from using the name of this contest or referring to this contest or the fact that this is a contest entry in your title or summary. Otherwise, your entry may be disqualified. 

Register your entry by completing the form on this site.
After you enter all the information that is required, if you do not receive a confirmation mail, please send a notification to
The application form will be published from August 18, 2014.

After you register, you will receive an automatic preliminary confirmation from the contest secretariat. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please send a notification to
Note: Entries that are not in compliance with the content requirements cannot be accepted. You will receive a notification within two weeks if the secretariat determines that your entry does not fulfill the requirements.